• Identify opportunities for client
  • Identify potential alliance partners, including JV's, to increase win ratio (past alliance partners include Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, IBM, Lockheed Martin,  Northrop, Raytheon, SAIC)
  • Define and present client product offerings
  • Jointly assess potential opportunities
  • Coordinate demonstrations and presentations
  • Spearhead negotiations with partners
  • Finalize agreement for client
  • Develop supporting client marketing material if needed
  • Joint client and partner opportunity development with customer
  • Participate in proposal development and submissions process
  • Serve as key point of contact


  • Identify new client opportunities by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements
  • Locate or propose new potential business opportunities by contacting past customers and potential partners
  • Develop detailed opportunity assessment and screening; prioritize opportunities according to requirements, size, timing,  and probability of winning
  • Develop value proposition and key messaging to present to customer
  • Develops road maps for implementation timetables and scheduling, costs, personnel, and deliverables
  • Closes new business by coordinating requirements, assisting in proposal development, and integrating contract requirements with business operations


    • Determine whether or not to respond to Sources Sought; respond if affirmative
    • Determine whether a RFP solicitation is GO/NO GO and teaming or JV considerations
    • Attend bidder's meetings
    • Analyze competitive landscape, determine pricing, profitability and probability of winning award
    • Draft RFP response for client, whether as a team member or alone
    • Submission and follow up as needed/required (e.g. oral presentations, script development etc.)
    • Post mortem review


    • ​Brokering of Direct Commercial Sales (DCS)
    • ​Export & Import approvals of DCS  
    • ​Transfer & Disposal approvals if needed
    • Foreign Military Sales (FMS) support
    • U.S. State Dept. coordination


    • Secure sponsor from military services
    • Write and submit FCT application
    • ​Process review coordination  (including possible U.S. Defense Acquisition Challenge)
    • Testing & Evaluation
    • ​Selection & Funding  (includes possible Congressional reporting)
    • ​Contracting oversight
    • ​Troops Training & Fielding