U.S. DoD specialized consulting services for International clients


is the creation of long-term value for an organization from customers, markets, and relationships. Avonis will penetrate the DoD to increase client sales by developing a  very focused sales strategy aligned to client capabilities and cutomer requirements and then executing through its extensive network.



are critical for successful teaming arrangements in winning large DoD contracts. Avonis has put together many key strategic alliance relationships with Tier-1 defense companies so international clients gain maximum leverage and increased market penetration with minimum resources.



​is the process of developing an acquisition strategy with the goal to award whether place of performance is domestic or overseas. The strategy takes into account requirements, funding, solicitation type, timelines, clarification and validation, and then writing a winning proposal. Avonis is a subject matter expert in Office of Secretary of Defense Foreign Comparative Testing program.

AVONIS INC. has been in business for many years providing these "A-B-C" consulting services mentioned above to small-to-medium sized international clients, from startup's to $500 million - especially those new to the U.S. defense market. Its executives are very familiar with the DoD, having served the U.S. Army and Special Operations Forces.  Principals are Secret, Top Secret, and FBI cleared.  Avonis holds Military Critical Data clearance from the Department of Logistics Agency (DLA), and recent Department of State Directorate of Trade Controls approvals.